Lacquer, Stains and Dyes in Billings, MT

M.L. Campbell Lacquer and Stains/Dyes

Offering superior clear topcoats, M.L. Campbell lacquers are environmentally safe and still deliver excellent performance and quality. They are formulated for indoor wood surfaces that are exposed to heat, household chemicals and moisture, making them ideal for bathroom, kitchen and mill work environments. M.L. Campbell lacquers that we sell include Duravar Plus, Krystal, Magnamax and Spray Zits.

Additionally, M.L. Campbell offers WoodSong II spray-and-wipe stains that can be applied over other wood finishes. The fast-dry formula is available in several colors. The brand also has a line of Microton Dyes that are designed for beginning the process of transforming light-colored woods into darker-colored woods.

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